1. Private Humors

  2. The April Tapes

  3. Just Another Twinkle In Time

  4. The Air We Share

  5. Distance Music

  6. Fantastic Tales

  7. Plays Metal

  8. The Great Unraveling

  9. Shaking The Spirit From The Bone

  10. World of Sound

  11. Universal Hum
    Crown of Eternity

  12. Aquarian Drifter

  13. Dream Architecture
    Crown of Eternity

  14. The Last Song I Leave Behind

  15. In The Garden of Lasers

  16. Space Dust

  17. The Forever Lights

  18. By Which Name Shall We Call You?

  19. Electric Guggulu

  20. Emperor and Penguin

  21. The Way to Be Free

  22. Earth In Space - Sacred Gong Meditation
    Crown Of Eternity

  23. Presence

  24. Aquarian Summer
    Brother Ong

  25. Undercover Brother

  26. Mysteries Of the Shahi Baaja Volumes 1 & 2 - Ong Sweet Ong & The Perfumed Dragon
    Brother Ong

  27. Ninth Church Of The Ascended Astronaut
    Brother Ong

  28. Deep Water Vibration
    Brother Ong

  29. Deep Water Creation
    Brother Ong

  30. The Cosmos Shall Clear The Path
    Crown Of Eternity

  31. Vibrate The Cosmos
    Crown Of Eternity

  32. Lives On Air

  33. Elenin - Harmonica Of The Spheres Volume 1
    Brother Ong

  34. Another View Of The Gate

  35. The Architect For Paul Groper
    Brother Ong

  36. alchemical marriage

  37. the tenth gate

  38. in the district of noise

  39. The Golden Ray
    Brother Ong

  40. the ballad of one hung glove

  41. ghosts of marumbey

  42. beating of the rewound son

  43. in the present the past keeps haunting

  44. vitvivatora

  45. language of the birds

  46. a fine line on the throne of time

  47. dance enis dance

  48. don't leave your bones rotting in my back yard

  49. jade is the color of my true love's fate

  50. of faith and joy and happiness

  51. screwing six bolts into last tuesday

  52. teachings of the crowned eternal

  53. The Eternal Sounds Of WInter
    Sounds Eternal Presents


Mike Tamburo

Mike Tamburo is a multi- instrumentalist, who plays hammered dulcimer, shahi baaja, gongs, metal percussion, guitar, auto- harp, swarmandal and a slew of effects. He is greatly inspired by American folk and minimalist music traditions as well as Indian classical and Indonesian music. ... more

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