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the tenth gate

by Mike Tamburo

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Despite what the cover of this book says, what you are going to read is not really Volume 2 of Without Beginning Middle or End. I was having a hard time dealing with computers and technology, so I had written Volume 2 the old fashioned way, with a typewriter. After I completed this volume of my adventures, I sent the finished product off to my publisher for printing. For weeks I waited for confirmation that my package was received. I got nothing. I called the publisher and they had not received my package. I went to the local branch of the Post Office and asked to speak to the manager. He had me come back to his office. I sat down and waited for him. He came into the room with my manuscript in his hand.

PO MANAGER - Did you really think we were going to let you mail this? You are lucky to be alive right now my friend. Had a District Manager seen this we would be telling a different story. You should not be trying to spread rumors about the post office.

ME - But these things all happened. You can not censor the truth.

PO MANAGER - We do it all the time. In fact, we have most people so brainwashed that they do not even recognize the truth when it is staring them right in the face.

ME - You Bastard!!!

PO MANAGER - We cannot allow this to be printed. In fact we are going to have to confiscate this and any other copies you may have. We have postal carriers at your home right now, searching for any more copies. You should not have used a return address.
All of your mail gets flagged.

At this point in the conversation I knew my fish was cooked so I looked for the easiest escape. It happened to be the window. I grabbed my chair and threw it through the window and then jumped out to the street. I went to one of our safe houses for a few days until I felt like the air had cleared. When I returned to my home, all evidence of my adventures had disappeared. It finally sank in and I was heartbroken. The release date for this box set was nearly here and I did not have the energy to rewrite the book.

At first I considered not including any writings, but the covers were already printed and I hate to waste paper. I remembered an interview I had done for the local teen magazine Young Throb. During the interview with the tape recorder on, I had spoken briefly about many aspects of my book. The actual article was a pitiful piece of teen gloss. It said something like WOWZERS DULCIMER SWAMI MIKE TAMBURO IS OFF HIS ROCKER and then went on for only a paragraph about some of my exploits. My publicist thought it would be a good idea to broaden my audience. I guess it worked because my next show was filled with teenage girls. The important thing was that the interview was recorded. I contacted Yepeh Nunep right away and asked her if she still had the recording of our interview. She apologized for the hack job her editors did on our article and told me she still had the recordings. Yepeh was a pretty great lady from what I could tell. We had met after a performance I did opening for Ghost at the Andy Warhol Museum. She told me that she had to get my music out to the kids. I actually dodged doing this interview for about 2 years. I was not interested in being a teen heart throb. I am pretty happy I did it now, if only for the recording. It must have been fate.

The following interview took place on July 23, 2015

Tape recorder on…

Yepeh Nunep - Many of your earlier adventures were written about in the first volume of ‘Without Beginning Middle Or End’. What I want to know now is what happened after you played God’s Horn that first time?

Mike Tamburo - Well, I could probably fill up an entire book with the answer to that question. I guess I will just start from the beginning. While I was playing God’s Horn, you could say that I went into a trance state. Some of these intervals that were happening hadn’t been heard since Atlantis, I am told. And from what we know about Atlantis, it seems that perhaps they were not able to play all of the intervals that I played. So who knows when the last time was that these intervals were heard or played. I was retuning the entire planet back into harmony with the rest of our solar system. My teacher Akal Moorit had told me that had I not retuned the planet, parts of North America would have sunk into the ocean and it is possible that our planet would have fallen out of orbit. I guess it is a good thing I built that contraption (we both break into laughter).

As I was saying, these were some pretty heavy intervals. They were not only heavy, they were dense as well. My nervous system could not handle it and after I got off of the bike, I passed out for three and a half days. When I woke up, my property was in complete disarray, there were fissures throughout the property and God’s Horn lay before me in ruins. Thankfully there was not a postal worker in sight. I assume they were all swallowed by the earth.

I had no idea how long I was passed out at this point and felt like a completely different person. It was chaos. in fact when I first examined myself, I was blue and I had eight arms.

Yepeh Nunep - (laughing) You are pulling my leg.

Mike Tamburo - No, I was in quite a panic as I am sure anyone would be. I ran straight to my barn to get my Buick Century so that I could find some help. When I got to the barn, the car was gone. Now I was really freaking out. Then I heard a voice from outside the barn telling me that my dear friend Abner Lechte had borrowed my car. It was Christmas Day and he had gone to see his mother. I did not recognize the voice and when I walked out the barn door I was greeted by a very short naked woman covered from head to toe in ashes. She told me her name was Akal Moorit and that she had walked all the way from Chile to see me. She said that it was written that she would be my teacher.

(Editor’s Note - From this point forth Yepeh Nunep will be shown as YN and Mike Tamburo as MT)

YN - Was she surprised that you were blue?

MT - Well I will get to that. She told me that she had gotten there quite early the morning of the 22nd and that I was passed out already. She stopped Lechte from trying to move my body. She told him that I needed to stay in the place I fell for three and a half days and that I would be okay after that. She told me that Lechte had stayed and prayed with her over my body for much of that time.

I was quite puzzled by all of this to say the least. That is when I asked her about why I was blue and had eight arms. She laughed at me and told me that I was stuck in my spiritual ego. She said something like, this guy saves the planet one time and all of a sudden thinks he is some kind of deity. She gave me a good whack in the belly and then all of a sudden I was back to being Mike Tamburo.

YN - So this was a hallucination then?

MT - I like to think of it as more of a temporary belief system. As far as my reality was concerned, for about 20 minutes I was a giant blue arachnid deity. You of course can think what you want.

YN - So tell me more about this mysterious teacher that appeared in your barn.

MT - She was probably the strongest woman I had ever met. Wise, the look in her eye was ancient. When I looked at her, I knew I was looking at someone who really knew. She stretched her English out almost into a drawl. I could not imitate it and be able to do it any justice. She just had a this confidence about her, not the sort of thing you see too often in America these days.

Her parents had both spent time with Gurdjieff and at a very early age she had already started working with herself daily using several different spiritual learning systems. Her parents had raised her to be open to all spiritual exercises and she was as at home with Pranayama and Kundalini yoga as she was with Demonic Evocation or even Mystical Christianity. She used to say “Whatever the moment calls for!!!” She was raised believing that all the religions were talking about the same thing and that thing was this energy that the planet is charged with. Can you imagine your parents digging on Orgone?

YN - No I can’t. My parents are pretty uptight.

MT - That is too bad.

YN - My parents are great. Don’t get me wrong. They just were not into Orgone energy.

MT - Well as I was saying, Akal Moorit had spent her entire life harnessing this life energy. Her energy was infectious. Just being near her got you high. She is probably the only human I know who can see beauty in all things.

YN - Well she sounds amazing. Tell me about what brought her here.

MT - As we all know now, about 30 years ago, the earth’s Kundalini started moving from Tibet and India to the mountains of Chile. Akal Moorit followed this energy and set up residence there around the same time -- 1985 if I remember correctly. After about a year in Chile, her psychic abilities really started kicking in. She had a very deep experience with Peyote that put her in touch with the language of her DNA. Soon after that she received a guidance that led her to the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and, eventually, a doctorate in biology and genetics. She saw early on that the DNA was a message to us, a code inside us and she started deciphering it. This is similar work to what Gregg Braden was doing. In fact, Gregg deciphered the code first. He found the primer, if you will. And found YHVG repeated over and over again in our DNA code. Now YHVH or Yod He Vau He are the consonants of the name of God as we all know. YHVG means God Eternal within the body. Gregg Braden discovered that our genetic code says God Eternal Within The Body. That is pretty heavy.

YN - It is almost unbelievable.

MT - I know it is. Well as soon as this news started quietly moving through the scientific community, Akal Moorit started deciphering other strands of code and that is what led her to me.

YN - She found out about God’s Horn by looking into her DNA?

MT - Yes, that is what she told me. She had read about God‘s Horn and also The Teachings Of Crowned Eternal in her very own cellular structure. She said that all of mankind’s future was in our DNA. She started turning parts of the code into a mantra and went into the mountains for 120 days. After that, she started the journey that led her to me that Christmas morning. She said she learned a great deal on her way to finding me. I am completely grateful that she did. She was amazing and exactly the person I needed to come into my life at exactly the right moment.

Our relationship was like psychic boot camp. She worked me hard. She directed me to build The Crowned Eternal and gave me The Teachings Of the Crowned Eternal. She told me that our time together was only about getting my nervous system strong enough to play God’s Horn without passing out. She said that I could not pass out again.

YN - How did your passing out affect your first performance? Were you still able to obtain the desired effect?

MT - Well Yepeh, the East Coast is not covered in water is it? (laughter) Had I passed out during my performance, we might not be able to say the same thing. Her concern was that for my next performance, I was to play God’s Horn for 2 days in an even more intense tuning. My nervous system was nowhere near ready to take in that much energy. The tuning of the first performance of God’s Horn had come to me in a dream. I could feel every sound in a different part of my body. It felt as if my bones were going to shake out of my skin. The earth around this great instrument sung out in joyous cacophony, rumbling and ripping itself apart as it shook itself back into alignment.

YN - No wonder you needed so much training.

MT - Saving the world is serious business.

YN - So what did your training entail?

MT - Well after she and I made our introductions, she told me that we had to get to work right away. My next God’s Horn performance had to be on March 21. There was not much time to get me ready for this performance. Lechte volunteered to train with me. He was an integral part of my training.

My first week of training was painful. She had us stretch our fingers as far apart as they would go and hold our arms straight up while staring into a mirror chanting EEEE AAAHHH OHHHH for four hours straight. My arms dropped so many times. I felt so weak almost defeated. The images in the mirror tormented me. I was scared. Akal Moorit was concerned about my progress. She said that I had a lot of fear and a lot of repression. She had us build an Orgone Energy Accumulator out of the barn. The entire barn now pulsed with life energy. From the outside of the barn it looked like it was actually breathing. We started doing our exercises in the barn. This took a long time to get used to. I kept overcharging myself and a few times actually ran out of the barn and had to jump in the lake to cool myself down.

Two weeks into my training, I started getting the hang of it. I no longer saw demons in the mirror. In fact even though I was sitting right in front of the mirror, sometimes it wasn’t there. Sometimes I was not there. Akal Moorit was pleased that I was finally responding to the training, yet she said that there was no way that I would be ready in time.

That is when Lechte spoke up and suggested that we try the new Multi-verse pill that the Post Office was researching. I was pretty hesitant about anything the Post Office was up to. For one, I was their public enemy number one. I was surprised that the Post Master General had not come to seek his revenge. Now I was supposed to go onto his turf. Well not exactly…
The last time I had seen Anton Plank he was so out of control, I was sure he had gone over to the other side, the terminally insane side. I did not feel safe being around him. Lechte had stayed in touch with him and told me that he had kicked his Shine habit and was doing well. He even got his job back at the Post Office.

YN - Why would he go back after what they did to him?

MT - Old habits die hard I guess. Also he was incredibly thankful for his Shine addiction. Once he kicked it, he had a great appreciation for Shine. Without it he would have never thought up Multi-verse.

YN - Tell me about this Multi-verse. I have heard nothing about it.

MT - Multi-verse is a pill that allows you to experience multiple realities at the same time. If you think of the brain like a hard drive, Multi-verse partitions your brain. I am not exactly sure what processes the mind has to go through in order to be partitioned. I can only tell you what it is like to be partitioned. It is dizzying, almost like there is a movie of your life playing next to a movie of your life next to a movie of your life and so on. If you look to the left you can see all of your lives happening at once. If you look straight ahead you are able to focus on a single reality. I realized what a robot I was. Multi-verse made this evident because it showed me that all of my possible universes were in fact always happening, I spent much of my waking life completely asleep regardless of what reality I was paying the most attention to. With disciplined use of Multi-verse you can actually be actively engaged in all of your realities.

Akal Moorit told me that with Multi-verse she would be able to teach me a different lesson in each reality. Lechte and I headed off to see Anton Plank.

Anton was surprised to see us. I was Persona Non Grata as far as the Post Office was concerned. Anton greeted me with open arms and agreed to help us, despite possibly facing treason for helping me. He said he needed a guinea pig for Multi-verse anyway. It takes a week for Multiverse to really kick in. I spent that entire week in a flotation tank while Anton played meta-programming tapes through the speakers. As each new reality began to come into focus in the nothingness, Anton would leave an audio imprint on me. Each imprint was one of the notes of my next God’s Horn tuning. We were hypothesizing that when all of the sounds played at once, I would be able to connect all of the realities back into one single reality.

YN - Fascinating. How were Akal Moorit and Lechte able to work with you in so many of your realities? I can not see how this works.

MT - Well that took some time. First we had to make it that in all of my realities I was in the floatation tank. Akal and Lechte were with me in each reality. I went into the tank and Anton programmed all of the lessons into my circuitry. Each reality of Akal Moorit played a single imprint sound of the future God’s Horn performance. Once I heard that sound, it was easy to just tap into each lesson in each reality.

YN - This sounds like the kind of thing Nazi scientists were working on. I can’t believe that you went through with taking this drug.

MT - Well saving the planet is not an easy job. In the long run, it was worth it even though a lot of it was scary when it was actually happening to me. You mentioned the atrocities of the Nazi scientists. I just wanted to remind you that these very cruel men all eventually worked for our government, or the for the Russians. 3 out of every 10 of the scientists that defected ended up working on the Post Offices PO MEGA program. Think about all of the progress that has been made over the last 60 years. We were nearly in the dark ages and then all of a sudden Nazi science comes along and bada bam, bada boom, bada bing here we are in consensus reality today. Everything after the bomb is sci-fi… I am getting a little off topic here. I apologize.

YN - No problem. Can you tell me about the Crowned Eternal?

MT - On the day before I started taking Multi-verse, Akal Moorit asked me to walk with her. As we walked, she told me about the sacred vowel sounds. EEE AAA IIII AHH OHH EW UHH. She told me that the EEE sound corresponded to the pineal gland or crowned chakra, the AAA to the pituitary gland or third eye ajna chakra, IIII to the throat chakra, AHH to the heart chakra, OHH to the navel chakra, EW to the sacral chakra. She told me that all sounds affect different parts of the body in different ways. After she said this, she pointed to a pile of garbage sitting out for collection. She told me that out of the pile of garbage, I would find my greatest teacher. I asked her what she meant and she told me to collect all of the refuse that I felt some form of connection with and then to find her. She walked away and left me alone. The first thing I saw was a toilet. I knocked on it, sat on it, yelled into it, but I felt no connection. The next thing I saw just a bag full of broken floor tiles. There was still no connection. Then I found it. It was a headboard from a child’s bed. I knew this was one of my items. Next I found a broken autoharp and some wood slats and a dowel rod. Nothing else in the pile meant anything to me. I went back to the barn to show Akal what I had found. She looked pleased and handed me a drill and some strings. Before I knew it, there it was in front of me. Akal Moorit pulled one of the strings back and was rewarded by this amazing buzzing sound. She said, “This is the Crowned Eternal. It was built through you by the Highest of the Highest.” She then pointed her finger into the air and traced a square, a circle and a triangle. She then said that with this instrument I would wipe away all of my karma and negativity. She told me that it would literally scrub it all away. She told me that I play this instrument by using the holiest most powerful mudra - Gyan Mudra.

YN - What is Gyan Mudra?

MT - Gyan mudra is your index finger and thumb pressed together. The other fingers are straight out. I approached the strings with my right hand forming Gyan mudra as my finger went around the string. I felt a shot of energy up my spine as my finger touched my thumb. The crowned eternal responded with BBBBZZZAAAALLLLLLLLLlllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmm. The sound sustained for an eternity.

She told me I was to play and record this instrument each morning when I woke. Then I was supposed to listen to the recording as I did my daily spiritual exercises. She asked me to sit in front of the Crowned Eternal and give it a try. I pulled back on another string and the sound resonated my teeth. I pulled back another and then another. Before I knew it, I was lost in this instrument. It was playing me more than I was playing it. After an hour, it was like I had been playing the Crowned Eternal my entire life. I would find myself completely lost in the clusters of sound. I often felt like I was moving in reverse. I felt my Kundalini rising as I tore out my last few notes from the belly of eternity. I pulled back my last grouping of notes with a technique I now call the claw. As the sound rung out, I felt like I was dematerializing. A very complex Geometric pattern appeared in my third eye vision. I stayed in this place for a long time, my breath sustained as the crowned eternal faded into silence.

I see geometric imagery in my third eye almost everyday. It comes along with the territory when you are using Alpha and Theta machines. This vision was nothing like the alpha or theta closed eye vision though. It was as if I had merged into this image. It was like a rollercoaster and then all of a sudden it was this geometry and I felt like I was seeing and partaking in the structure of the entire universe.

After I came to, Akal Moorit asked me to go for another walk with her. She was silent for most of the walk. After awhile, she asked me what the Crowned Eternal showed me. I told her about how lucid the Geometric vision was and she smiled. We walked to the top of a hill and Akal asked me to turn around and look down the hill. I did as she asked and I actually shat myself when I saw a crop circle with the very geometric shape I had seen earlier. I ran back down the hill to investigate.

YN - I am not sure if I am able to believe what you are telling me.

MT - I could not believe it either and I was standing in the middle of this geometric formation. Akal came moseying down the hill with a grin from cheek to cheek. She gave me a big hug and then a high five and said that now I knew where crop circles came from. I told her that I really did not know. She then explained to me that when I raised my Kundalini fully and my tenth gate opened entirely, my consciousness literally became one with the universe. The crop circle was the physical manifestation of this Kundalini awakening. The crop circle geometry was the last vision I saw before entering Samadhi. She told me that nature bowed to my vision. I have played the Crowned Eternal each morning since then. Some days, in some realities, I was able to manifest crop circles and some days, in some realities, I could not. The important thing is that I was able to manifest at least one crop circle in each of my realities.

The next day I went into the flotation tank and started taking Multi-verse.

YN - Your take on crop circles is going have to be one of your stories that I refuse to believe.

MT - Well that is totally fine.

YN - We are running out of time, so I am going to try to finish up this subject and then continue onto the next. So tell me about the events that took place on March 21, 2012.

MT - As I mentioned earlier and in my first book. I had to play God’s Horn five times total in order to tune the earth. These days were December 21st 2011, March 21st, 2012, June 21, 2012, September 21st, 2012 and December 21st 2012. I only actually played it three times and Lechte played it twice because I was incarcerated in some Post Office dungeon. The Post Master General and his lackeys raided the farm and arrested me. I was in the hole from August till January. They were trying to stop the world from becoming a better place. A lot of people just want life to be miserable I guess. Thankfully Lechte had all of the same training that I had and was able to do the performances. He is a Real American Hero. At any rate, everything would have been fine with the earth had Y2K not happened. Do you remember Y2K?

YN - Of course I do.

MT - Everybody thinks that nothing happened, that we all went to the stores, bought our duct tape and our end of the world gear for nothing. HA HA HA, we were so funny getting all worked up. Well something did happen that day and it is much more subtle than most people could imagine. You see on January 31, 1999 from 9 PM till 11:58 PM, more than a billion people thought that something bad was going to happen. What happened was all of that fear happening at the same time actually caused a shift in the earth’s magnetic field. We were heading toward the positive and feminine Epoch and doing fine and then this concentrated fear threw us completely out of balance. It was written that God’s Horn would put the earth back into balance.

YN - Okay well, that is about all the time I want to give this subject. I assume that since we are all here, all of your efforts went smoothly. I understand you are writing a new book that will be the continuation of your adventures with God’s Horn, the Post Office and whatever else it is that you are into. I can imagine that this story will be in your next book.

MT - It will.

YN - Okay then, let’s get out of all this metaphysical new age shit. It is a little hard for me to swallow sometimes.

MT - Okay, whatever you want.

YN - You used to play music all the time. Do you still do that or do you just spend all of your time forming crop circles with your mind?

MT - I still play the hammered dulcimer and the Crowned Eternal.

YN - Why did you stop playing the guitar?

MT - It just was not making sense to me anymore. I started feeling this way sometime during my 2007 tour. By that September, I had no real interest in playing solo guitar anymore.

YN - Well what happened in September of 2007?

MT - Well as I said, it had stopped feeling right. It felt like I was faking it long before I really decided to quit. I stopped getting that ecstatic feeling from the guitar. It felt like I was just going through the motions. If I had to pick a moment when I decided to quit, it would have to be during the L.O.N.G. Festival.

YN - L.O.N.G.?

MT - The League Of Noodling Guitarists. Only the most exclusive guitar organization known to man. They are one of the four organizations that make up C.O.N. - The Consortium Of Noodlers. I had spent years trying to get a membership in the L.O.N.G. C.O.N. I may have been a little too focused on this one goal. I think it turned a lot of folks off to me. No matter what happened to me, it was not good enough because I was not accepted by the L.O.N.G. C.O.N. I could not have a conversation about music without bringing up how upset I was that I was not invited for membership. I worked my ass off. If I heard that a L.O.N.G. C.O.N. member was doing a ten day tour, I would do a twenty day tour. If a L.O.N.G C.O.N. member released a 3 disc set, I would release a 7 disc set. It was insanity. I had never wanted to belong somewhere in my life until I learned about the L.O.N.G. C.O.N. and here I was doing anything I could just to get noticed.

YN - This does not sound like you.

MT - Well I agree with you and about a month after I had accepted that I would never be invited into the L.O.N.G. C.O.N. I got my membership invitation. It was almost too much.

YN - So you were not excited?

MT - I was excited, I had just kind of burned myself out by that point. The induction ceremony was held on a farm in the Catskills. I don’t want to mention any names, but I was rubbing elbows with the big boys.

YN - Go ahead, mention a name.

MT - I really shouldn’t. Let’s just say that the finest guitarists in the land were together on that farm.

YN - Well off the top of my head when you say the finest guitarists in the land, I can name three that would have had to be there… Eric Carbonara, Keenan Lawler and Nick Schillace?

MT - Well that is kind of a no brainer because each of those guys is a master of his craft.

YN - So you did not find it exciting to rub elbows with those guys?

MT - It was exciting, in fact it was too exciting. After I watched those guys, I felt like a hack. I just could not keep up with those guys. They are just so good and when I finally got invited to the cool table, I felt like I did not belong. After watching Carbonara play I pretty much quit guitar. That guy has really got it going on. Right after that fest, I decided to concentrate on hammered dulcimer instead of guitar. My membership with L.O.N.G. was revoked, but I am still a card carrying member of C.O.N. In fact, I feel like my compositions have finally come into their own, since I gave up the guitar.

YN - Well I definitely agree with you about that one. So have you been working in any mediums other than music lately?

MT - I have been writing a random story every once in awhile. Sometimes I throw some paint around. I work on art when the mood strikes me. I am by no means a disciplined artist right now. I have not picked up a video camera in a few years. I have been working on a piece of music to go along with a theta machine program I am working on. A lot of my time lately has been taken up by my work with brainwave machines.

YN - How did you get into mind machines?

MT - Like any good high school student, I had read the Beats. Through the great art of cross referencing, I discovered Brion Gysin. He had a mind like no other and I thought I would give some of his more famous experiments a try. I built a Dream Machine using Brion Gysin’s plans. I found that to be a playground for my mind. I was hooked on my first use. 16 years later and I am still hooked. I always had interests in mind expanding experiences and consciousness. I spent a lot of time contemplating the possibilities of altered awareness. I studied psychoacoustics for a short time; read everything I could find on the effects of light on perception. I read about Gysin's experiments, Tony Conrad's experiments, studied EEG machines, Nostradamas, brainwaves, Hemholtz, all sorts of stuff.

YN - I know you have been taking psychedelics for years and that you have even taken up ethnobotany to some extent. How did you get into all that?

MT - I'm just a psychedelic guy I guess.

YN - Come on.

MT - I started early on with the work I was doing at the Post Office nursery and after awhile I was able to access and experience so many different levels of awareness. For one reason or another, I needed to understand them to a greater extent. I started reading about the cultures that used these things as sacraments, I read McKenna, Leary, Watts, Schultz, Watson, pretty much everything in the psychedelic library. It all just kept evolving like anything does when you are searching for knowledge. It all starts spanning out, you learn one thing that uncovers two more, you cross-reference that and you discover a whole new concept. So at one point I felt like it would be beneficial if I learned how to work with these plants.

YN - We are just about out of time. One more question. What are your plans for the future.

MT - Well after I sell all of these box sets, I am going to India for a bit. I have been hearing these amazing things about Swami Albeedlebey. He is Shaktipat Master.

YN - What is Shaktipat?

MT - It’s the transmission of energy from Teacher to seeker to awaken or enhance Kundalini. There are a lot of Shaktipat Masters these days but Albeedlebey’s method of transference is the most appealing to me. Some Teachers are able to do this just by touching a student on the neck. Some Teachers look directly into your eye and shock the energy to you. Albeedlebey picks up your shirt and gives you a zerbert on your stomach. Supposedly the energy just zaps from his lips up to your spine.

YN - It looks like we are out of time. I think I got enough for a good story. I appreciate you talking to me. It has been quite an experience.

MT - My pleasure Yepeh. Take care.

…Tape recorder off


released September 14, 2009

mike tamburo - hammered dulcimer


all rights reserved



Mike Tamburo

Mike Tamburo is a multi- instrumentalist, who plays hammered dulcimer, shahi baaja, gongs, metal percussion, guitar, auto- harp, swarmandal and a slew of effects. He is greatly inspired by American folk and minimalist music traditions as well as Indian classical and Indonesian music. ... more

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